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Do I Qualify for Medical Insurance if I Have a Pre Existing Condition?

Currently, individual, family and self employed health insurance plans are medically underwritten. This means that most health insurance companies will require every adult applicant to provide detailed health history, including prescription drug usage and physician contact information. This information is used to asses or “underwrite” each individual’s insurability. As a result, all adult applicants may not qualify.

If you or a family member has an existing medical condition, use tobacco or are overweight and want immediate, confidential feedback regarding your insurability, then use our exclusive Insurability Profile Tool™. It is fast, free and confidential, and will provide immediate feedback regarding an individual’s insurability before applying for an individual medical insurance plan.


  • The new healthcare law, effective September 2010, requires medical insurance companies to cover children less than 19 years of age regardless of their health status. This new mandate is applicable to employer sponsored group health insurance and individual and family major medical insurance.
  • Effective January 2014, health insurance companies will be prohibited from medical underwriting all applicants and restricting coverage in any way due to pre existing health conditions.

With our Insurability Profile Tool™ you can be assured of the following:

  • No personal information required- User remains anonymous
  • Completely confidential – no information is stored
  • Fast and easy to use – just answer the medical questions

Since medical underwriting guidelines vary by health insurance company, the Insurability Profile Tool™ will provide the User with general feedback regarding his/ her insurability. It does not guarantee an individual will qualify for a health insurance plan or the premium will be issued at a specific level.

The User is NOT making an application for health insurance. NEVER cancel existing health insurance coverage until written approval is received for the new medical insurance plan.

If feedback is desired on multiple persons please reset the tool at the end and start over for the next individual. To start the Insurability Profile Tool™ click the button below.

Your Eligibility Quiz Results

An individual's gender, tobacco status, height and weight, and coronary (heart) risk factors usually play a role in determining if he/she will qualify for a health insurance policy and how much additional premium they may be required to pay.

While all insurance companies have their own underwriting guidelines, based on the details provided,

Additional Information:

Click here to learn more. In certain instances, insurance companies may request additional information from the applicant or his/her physician, including medical records. Click here for an overview of these requirements.

Will I Qualify? Fast, Free and Confidential Evaluation

Due to the high risk associated with the occupation, most insurance companies will likely consider the individual ineligible for a health insurance policy, except in certain states, such as Florida and Michigan where health insurance must be offered, however, a premium increase may apply.

To continue, a "No" answer is required or reset the tool by clicking on the link below to start over for another individual.

Based on the nature of the medical condition(s), the person will likely be considered ineligible for individual major medical insurance by most insurance companies.

To continue, a "No" answer is required or reset the tool by clicking on the link below to start over for another individual.

Due to the high risk nature of these hobbies, most insurance companies may: a) increase the premium approximately 10% to 30%, b) issue an Exclusionary Rider that will exclude claims related to the specific hobby or 3) decline the applicant.

To continue, a "No" answer is required or reset the tool by clicking on the link below to start over for another individual.

Please enter the individual's details:


Height and Weight

Have tobacco products (including smokeless tobacco)
been used within the past 12 months?

In the past 5 years have the following conditions been diagnosed or treated?
Hypertension (high blood pressure)
High Cholesterol or Triglycerides

  • Employed in a restricted occupation?

  • Engage in any one or more of the following hazardous hobbies?

Is the person contemplating surgery or hospitalization, or have symptoms
indicating a potentially serious condition or undiagnosed ailments?

Is the person presently disabled or confined to an inpatient facility?

Is the person pregnant or undergoing fertility treatment?

In the past 2 Years, has the person been convicted of a felony or been
cited on two or more occasions for driving while intoxicated (DUI)?

Is the person currently or within the past 7 years experienced symptoms, obtained counseling, been
diagnosed or treated, including prescription drugs for one or more of the following conditions?

  • Circulatory/Heart

  • Cancer/Tumors

  • Digestive System

  • Ear/Eye

  • Endocrine

  • Genitourinary System

  • Muscular/Skeletal

  • Nervous System

  • Respiratory System

  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases

  • Thyroid/Gout Disorders

  • General Impairments

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