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Security Health Plan

Security Health Plan Security Health Plan  Low cost medical and dental insurance quotes

Established in 1986 as an outgrowth of the Greater Marshfield Community Health Plan, Security Health Plan serves more than 185,000 people in a 32-county area in northern, western and central Wisconsin.  We offer a variety of low cost medical and dental insurance options for employer groups, individuals of all ages, and families of various income levels. Our broad provider network includes doctors, other health care professionals, hospitals and pharmacies you know and trust.  And because Security Health Plan is owned by Marshfield Clinic, and is run by physicians, we are committed to keeping members’ best interests at heart.  Decisions on what we cover are based on accepted, appropriate medical practice.  It’s a relationship you can trust.

Security Health Plan of Wisconsin, Inc., is a health maintenance organization (HMO) dedicated to providing its members excellent health care coverage in cooperation with its many affiliated providers.  Security Health Plan members have peace of mind knowing they can get health care from doctors they know and trust.

Our history, statistics and benefits:

Security Health Plan of Wisconsin, Inc., is the only health maintenance organization owned and operated by Marshfield Clinic.  Security Health Plan is a physician-directed health plan. Security Health Plan’s physicians make coverage decisions on our members’ behalf.  It was established in 1986 as an outgrowth of the Greater Marshfield Community Health Plan, which began in 1971.

Serving more than 185,000 people in a 32-county area in northern, western and central Wisconsin, Security Health Plan offers a network of 42 affiliated hospitals, more than 4,100 affiliated physicians and other providers, and over 55,000 pharmacies nationwide.

We offer policies for large and small groups, and individuals and families of all ages and income levels.

Security Administrative Services, a department within Security Health Plan, offers claim administration for self-funded plans.

Flexible benefit options are available to meet employers’ needs. A typical plan offers coverage for such services as physician, hospital and mental health services; prescription drug coverage; preventive medicine; durable medical equipment; skilled nursing home care; home health care; diabetic services and many organ and tissue transplants.

With the support of our affiliated providers, including one of Wisconsin’s most respected names in health care, Marshfield Clinic, our goal is to keep health care costs down by keeping members healthy. We provide coverage for many routine preventive health services and have programs to help members manage chronic diseases.

Security Health Plan is consistently ranked high in surveys for customer satisfaction and customer retention.  Our members say they would recommend Security Health Plan to their family and friends.

Security Health Plan promotes healthy living through community wellness programs such as Bike Rodeos for children, and health fairs.

Security Health Plan members can get free health information and advice any time of the day or night, every day of the year, through Security Health Plan’s Nurse Line.  In addition, Security Health Plan helps to take care of its members’ health with chronic health management programs, health information mailings and other educational efforts.

(Information updated as of 2011 from Security Health Plan of Wisconsin’s website)

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