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Physicians Plus Insurance Corporation

Physicians Plus Insurance Corporation Physicians Plus Insurance Corporation  Low cost medical and dental insurance quotes

Physicians Plus Insurance Corporation is a nationally recognized managed care organization focused on providing high-quality, innovative products and services that help improve the health of our members and the community.

Founded in 1986 and owned by Meriter Health Services and local doctors, Physicians Plus provides low cost medical and dental insurance to over 110,000 members in south central Wisconsin, and proudly supports dozens of organizations that serve our community.

A progressive health insurer with an organizational commitment to preventive health and wellness, Physicians Plus was recently recognized as one of America’s healthiest companies by the Wellness Council of America. The Wellness Council of America awarded Physicians Plus with a 2009 Well Workplace Gold Award.

Our Mission

In partnership with our local community-based provider owners, we advance a tradition of delivering excellent products, services, and quality care to those who depend upon us.

Values and Beliefs

At Physicians Plus our corporate culture, ethical standards and commitment to everyone we come into contact with is based on our values and beliefs:

  • People – We believe that the highest-quality people produce the highest-quality results. We are committed to hiring, training and encouraging a workforce committed to performance excellence and superior service, every time.
  • Ethics -  We maintain the tradition of our founding provider owners of maintaining the highest standards of business ethics with our customers, partners and stakeholders.
  • Stewardship – We recognize that the owners and stakeholders have made significant resource and emotional investments in the company and that it is management’s duty to effectively guide the company, use its assets wisely, lead it to reasonable growth and profit so that the enterprise remains healthy and viable to deliver services to its customers and the community at large long into the future.
  • Quality – We believe in ensuring our products, services and processes are of the highest quality. We will continuously work to achieve improvements, which will result in superior products, service and performance.
  • Community – We are committed as an organization to supporting the communities in which our customers, partners and stakeholders reside. As a corporation we make financial contributions to support community needs and encourage and appreciate our employees’ efforts to support these important causes.

(Information updated as of 2011 from Physicians Plus Insurance Corporation’s website)

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