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Use our tools, information and resources to research your medical insurance options, learn your rights and determine which type of medical insurance plan is best for you and your family.

Must Know Medical Insurance Terms

Definitions of commonly used medical insurance words, including key definitions used by the new healthcare law are provided to promote greater understanding of health and medical insurance…Read more »

Choosing the Right Medical Insurance

Understand your medical insurance options, narrow your choices and determine the medical insurance plan that will best meet your health insurance coverage and financial needs…Read more »

Why Purchase Medical Insurance?

Should you go without some form of medical insurance? Providing financial protection is just one advantage that a medical insurance plan offers. Know the many others. Learn them here…Read more »

COBRA Continuation Coverage

Know your COBRA continuation rights for employer sponsored group health insurance if you separated from employment, are working fewer hours or have experienced a life event…Read more »

Types of Health & Medical Insurance

Familiarizing yourself with the different types of health and medical insurance plans, including the pros and cons of each will help make better, more informed decisions…Read more »

HIPAA Portability

If you have exhausted your COBRA continuation coverage and are unable to qualify for an individual major medical insurance plan due to pre existing conditions, you may be eligible for a HIPAA coverage. Find out here...Read more »

What if I have Pre-Existing Conditions?

Even if you have ongoing health conditions that prevent you from qualifying for a private major medical insurance plan, there are options. Uncover them here…Read more »

Federal & State Government Programs

If you cannot get private medical insurance due to a pre existing health condition, then you might qualify for a government medical insurance program. Get the details here…Read more »

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

Think HSAs are just for the healthy and wealthy? An HSA can provide significant financial savings and security for many people, including the self employed. Here’s why…Read more »

Buyers Guide & Checklist

Need additional information about buying a medical insurance plan? Use our buyer’s guide and checklist to compare medical insurance plans and help make the shopping process easier…Read more »

My Medical Insurance Options

You may be eligible for one or more health insurance options, regardless of your health status, such as HIPAA, COBRA, Conversion, Guaranteed Health Insurance or Government Plan. Find them here…Read more»

Health Insurance Companies

Need more information about a particular medical or dental insurance company in your area? Research them here…Read more »

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