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Medical Insurance Overseas- protection when traveling abroad

Medical Overseas TravelDid you know that most employer sponsored group and individual medical insurance plans pay very limited benefits or nothing at all for healthcare services rendered outside the United States?  Even if you are on vacation, you may not be covered.   Additionally, there is typically no coverage for other expenses, such as emergency medical evacuation, medical reunion of family members and return of mortal remains.  Even if you are heading out of the country for a long weekend, make sure you read the Exclusions and Limitations section of your existing medical insurance policy.

International medical insurance is a special purpose, inexpensive medical insurance plan that is customizable to your needs.  You choose the deductible, maximum benefit amount and optional coverage. These medical insurance plans are also referred to as:

  • Overseas Travel Medical Insurance
  • International Student Medical Insurance
  • International Travel Health Insurance

Medical insurance overseas and international student medical insurance is designed to cover you if:

  • Due to an accident or sudden illness, you or a family member require emergency evacuation while traveling
  • A family member gets sick and requires medical care, including hospitalization

In addition to traveling with peace of mind knowing that your healthcare expenses outside the United States are covered, there are many other advantages to purchasing an international medical insurance overseas policy.  They can also provide benefits for the following events:

  • Bad weather conditions cause delay or cancellation which results in the loss of money you invested for the trip
  • You are forced to cut your trip short because of a family member at home suffers an unexpected illness or death
  • Your luggage is lost, delayed or stolen forcing you to purchase additional clothes, essentials and/or prescription medications
  • Major flight delays force you to miss a portion of your trip or cruise
  • You lose important travel documents, leaving you stranded abroad
  • Your baggage is lost
  • You miss a flight connection
  • Your trip is delayed

These medical insurance plans also provide 24-hour emergency travel assistance and can help if you:

  • Lose a passport or important travel documents
  • Have a medical emergency
  • Need medical evacuation
  • Need last minute hotel accommodations

For affordable and customizable online medical insurance quotes for overseas travel, remember health insurance  Our online medical insurance quotes allow you to easily customize and obtain the rates for a medical insurance overseas policy.

Get covered before you take your next pleasure cruise or international flight for vacation or business.  You can even enroll online too!

Medical Insurance Overseas and Health Discount Plan

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