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Shopping for an Individual or Self Employed Medical Insurance Plan?

Use our tools and checklist to help you compare medical insurance plans and select the best health insurance policy to meet your budget and coverage needs. When searching for individual medical insurance, family medical insurance or health insurance for the self employed, we recommend the following:

1. Do your homework before you shop

Searching for low cost medical insurance can be very time consuming and frustrating. Depending on the state, there are usually many medical insurance companies and health plans to choose from. Each offers a dizzying array of medical plans and options (deductibles, copays, etc.) to choose from. Trying to make heads or tails out of the many alternatives can be very challenging.

Having a sense of what benefits are important to you (deductible, maximum out-of-pocket, prescription drug benefit, etc.) and knowing beforehand what preferred provider networks your healthcare provider is a member of will help make the process easier and faster. Once you have narrowed your focus, our online medical insurance quotes simplifies the process by presenting the individual medical insurance plans that meet your criteria. You can forget about having to run all over town trying to find the best deal.

Since comprehensive individual, family and self employed medical insurance plans are medically underwritten, it helps to have an idea if you qualify before applying.  If you or a family member has a pre existing health condition and not sure how the health insurance company will respond, then use our exclusive Insurability Profile Tool™ to get an idea. It will provide immediate feedback regarding how most health insurance companies will react to you or a family member’s health status based on answers to common health questions contained on an application for medical insurance. It is fast, free and confidential.

If you need assistance, we invite you to take advantage of the many tools and information provided within this site, including our medical insurance research center.

2. Compare rates and coverage levels from several medical insurance companies

Premiums for individual, family and self employed medical insurance plans and coverage levels can vary significantly. Make sure you are getting the best value by reviewing multiple alternatives. Our online health insurance quotes brings you the largest selection of health plans at the best available prices from leading medical insurance companies so you do not have to spend your time searching for the best deal. Since medical insurance rates are regulated, you can be assured that you will pay the same price and get the same coverage levels as buying direct.

3. Know what you are buying

Do not base your decision on rates alone. Make sure you evaluate coverage levels. Saving a few dollars per month is insignificant if you are stuck with several thousand in unexpected out-of-pocket costs because you did not fully understand the coverage provided by the medical insurance policy.

Make sure you know the medical insurance policy limits. Spending a few extra minutes comparing medical insurance plans will protect your pocketbook and financial well being.

We recommend using a checklist or worksheet to ensure you are making a fair and accurate comparison between health plans. We have developed one to help you.

Click to download a free copy of our Health Insurance Checklist

worksheet Health Insurance Buyers Guide & Checklist  individual, family and self employed

Using this form will help you collect information about the individual medical insurance plans you are considering, including your total financial exposure and coverage levels provided for outpatient medical services and supplies, inpatient confinement, surgery, prescription drugs, and other significant benefits.

If you ever need assistance, we are here to help. Please call us at 800-403-8511.

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