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Save Money on Rx, Dental & Vision Expenses

Get your free health discount plan and start saving money today on prescription drugs, dental services and vision care, including eye glasses and contact lenses at national chains and local stores and healthcare providers. No personal information required. Just print the health discount card now and put it in your wallet or purse. Get one for each family member.

Here is what you can expect to save:

  • 13% to 65% on prescription drugs at 50,000 participating pharmacies nationally, including  major chains such as Costco, CVS, Walgreen’s Wal-Mart, Rite Aid, K-Mart, Kroger, Publix, Safeway, Savon, Osco and Target.
  • 10% to 50% off vision expenses, including eyewear, contact  lenses and  corrective surgery at 10,500 participating optical centers and major vision chains, such as Sears Optical, JC Penney Optical, EyeMasters, Natiionwide Vision Center, LensCrafters and Wal-Mart Vision Centers.

Many competitors sell these health discount cards as “memberships.” Some even charge a hefty one-time enrollment fee.  Beware.  Our health discount plan offers comparable savings and it is free!

The free health discount plan is great for the entire family, including students and seniors (“donut hole” prescriptions), even your pet!  It is also popular with companies, professional groups and trade organizations.  Just print and hand out as many health discount cards as you wish.

Some important features include:

  • It is Free! No enrollment, membership or monthly fees!
  • Discounts on generic and brand name drugs!
  • No deductible or waiting period!
  • Use the card immediately.
  • No registration or personal information required!
  • Everyone qualifies!
  • Great for the entire family!
  • No usage limits or eligibility restrictions!
  • Use as often as you wish!
  • Save on prescriptions for your pets too!

This is not a medical insurance plan or intended to replace medical insurance. Your actual savings will depend on quantity, pharmacy and geographic location.

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Affordable Medical Insurance Quotes

Are you searching for low cost medical insurance or inexpensive dental insurance?  We can help you save money. Not sure if you qualify for medical insurance because of a pre existing medical condition? No worries. Our exclusive InsurabilityProfile Tool™ is fast, easy and confidential, and will give you immediate feedback on your insurability. If cannot qualify, then we can help you secure pre existing condition medical insurance.

At, we bring you a better selection of health insurance plans from top rated carriers, and provide better tools and information so you can make a more informed decision.  Visit our Research Center to help you uncover alternatives and select the plan that is best for you.

Low Cost Medical Insurance

A Health Savings Account or HSA is an excellent choice for individuals, families and self employed business owners who want a low cost medical insurance plan. The premiums are less than traditional major medical insurance and the tax savings will reduce your overall cost of medical insurance and healthcare.

Our online tools allow you to find and secure low cost individual medical insurance.  You can shop and compare with confidence because individual medical insurance rates are regulated.  That means you will pay the same as buying direct from the health insurer.  Get an online medical insurance plan quote today!

Inexpensive Dental Insurance

For many years, proper dental care had long been considered an affordable expense.  That is why employers  never included it in their group health insurance plans.  As the cost of dental care increased over the years, dental insurance gained in popularity and more employers during the 1970’s began adding dental coverage to their employee benefit programs.  Despite the rapid adoption of group dental insurance by employers today, it is estimated that only 62% of employers actually offer a dental insurance plan.

If you are one of the approximately 150 million Americans who does not not have full coverage dental insurance or are paying too much, get an online individual dental insurance quote today.  Choose from a variety of inexpensive dental insurance plans. Keep your own dentist!  Enroll online.  Great for student dental insurance too.   It is fast and easy!

Affordable Temporary Health Insurance

Are you currently between jobs and want a more affordable alternative to COBRA coverage?  Are you a student or recent graduate and need temporary medical insurance? Short-term medical insurance may be right for you. These affordable temporary health insurance plans help many individuals fill a short-term gap in coverage, usually 6 to 12 months or less.

Short-term medical insurance also helps individuals maintain continuous health insurance coverage in order to uphold HIPAA eligibility status. This is important because HIPAA eligible individuals are guaranteed the right to purchase individual major medical insurance, regardless of their health status.

Get covered immediately by obtaining an online temporary health insurance quote today.  You can even apply online. It is simple and convenient!

Medical Insurance Overseas and International Student Medical Insurance

Are you traveling outside the United States for pleasure, school or business? Medical insurance overseas and international student medical insurance can provide additional protection should you or a family member require healthcare. Since most individual medical insurance provide limited or no coverage beyond the United States, make sure you are adequately protected before leaving home.  You also receive additional benefits, such as emergency air evacuation and travel assistance if you lose your passport or experience flight delays or cancellations.

Get an online medical insurance overseas quote now and apply online.  Customize your plan based on the duration of your trip and the protection that is important to you.  It is inexpensive and provides peace of mind.

Critical Illness Protection

Could your family financially withstand the expense of a critical illness, such as cancer or heart attack?  Even though medical insurance covers the cost of surgery and hospitalization, there are still many uninsured expenses, such as deductibles, prescription drugs, nursing, and lost income or wages. Critical illness insurance or supplemental health insurance, such as cancer insurance pays a lump sum of cash upon the first diagnosis of a critical illness. Critical illness protection works well with a high-deductible health plan because the medical insurance premium savings can be used to pay for a critical illness insurance and the cash benefit can be used to help cover the high-deductible and other expenses.

Get a critical illness protection quote and start protecting your financial well-being.

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