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Will I Qualify for Medical Insurance? Fast, Free and Confidential Evaluation

This unique and confidential tool is fast and easy to use and will provide immediate feedback regarding an individual’s insurability before applying for health insurance. The user remains completely anonymous. Personal information, such as name, date of birth or social security number is not required or stored.

When applying for health insurance, most insurance companies require the applicant to provide health history and prescription drug usage, including physician contact information. This data is used to determine the applicant’s insurability. This process is called medical underwriting. Find out more.

Since underwriting guidelines vary by insurance company, the express purpose of this tool is to provide the user feedback regarding their insurability. It does not guarantee an individual will qualify or a policy will be issued at a specific premium. The user is NOT making an insurance application and should NEVER cancel existing coverage until written approval is received from the insurance company.

If feedback is desired on multiple persons please reset the tool at the end and start over for the next individual.

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