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Healthinsuranceadvisory.org has been developed and is maintained by Argeus Benefits Group LLC, an Arizona based consulting and insurance brokerage firm that specializes in helping individuals, families and the self employed find and secure low cost medical insurance, regardless of health status. Additionally, you will find access to inexpensive dental insurance, affordable temporary health insurance, medical insurance for overseas travel, critical illness protection and a prescription drug card.

This site has been specifically designed to simplify the complex world of health insurance by presenting relevant information in an easy to understand and straightforward manner. Our unique tools have been created with the express purpose of helping individuals, families and the self-employed learn their medical insurance options and make informed decisions.  These include our medical insurance research center, exclusive Insurability Profile Tool™ and new healthcare law information blog.

Additionally, you will find information regarding HIPAA PortabilityCOBRA continuation coverage, and links to government health insurance plans to increase the likelihood of finding affordable medical insurance. Our online health insurance quotes make it easy to shop and compare a wide selection of medical insurance plans from top health insurance companies in your state.

For those individuals who cannot qualify for individual medical insurance because of pre existing health conditions, there are alternatives, such as Guaranteed Health Insurance and the new Pre Existing Condition Health Insurance Plan established by the federal government as part of healthcare reform.

As a thank you for visiting our site, please download and print a Free Rx Card. It is great for the entire family and will save you money on prescription drugs, dental care and vision services at national chains and local stores in your area.

Your comments and recommendations regarding the content and usefulness of this site are welcome. Please submit them using our contact form.

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