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Six Reasons Why You Might Need Short Term Medical Insurance

Author: Administrator | Feb 18 2012 | Short Term Medical Insurance

Designed for individuals who need health insurance coverage for less than twelve months, short term medical insurance provides interim financial protection to get through a temporary life event. Short-term medical insurance is considered inexpensive health insurance because the premiums can be as much as 50% less than permanent individual medical health insurance. Coverage can be purchased for as little as thirty days or up to eleven months.  Once the coverage period expires, the short term medical insurance policy terminates and cannot be renewed.  However, many states allow individuals to re-apply for a new short term medical insurance policy.

This brief video explains the six reasons why you or a family might need short term medical insurance.


Short term medical insurance uses a process called simplified medical underwriting to determine if the applicant qualifies for coverage. This means there are several “yes” or “no” health questions the applicant is required to answer. A “yes” answer usually results in an automatic decline. Individuals with a serious past or present health condition will typically not qualify.

Since the coverage period is less than a year, short term medical insurance does not cover pre existing conditions. A pre existing condition is usually defined as a medical condition that was diagnosed, treated or for which symptoms existed prior to the effective date of the short term medical insurance policy. Although you can re-apply for a new short term medical insurance plan after the coverage period ends, you will be required to answer the medical questions again.

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