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Free Health Discount Plan | Dentemax Discount Dental Plan

Author: Administrator | Feb 12 2012 | Individual Dental Insurance

Do you or a family member not have or cannot afford full coverage dental insurance? Whether your employer does not offer dental insurance or you cannot afford an individual dental insurance plan, offers you the next best thing. A free health discount plan.

Our health discount plan provides generous discounts on prescription drugs, dental care and vision services. This unique program will save you money on a wide range of healthcare expenses, including dental care. The dental portion of the health discount plan features the Dentemax discount dental network. It provides discounts of 25% to 40% over usual charges at more than 101,000 participating dental providers nationally.

Dentemax is one of the country’s leading dental networks. You can look up a Dentemax Discount Dental Plan participating provider by clicking here.

Beware of other companies that sell a comparable health discount plan or charge a membership fee. Get your free health discount plan, featuring the Dentemax discount dental network by clicking here.

For more information watch the brief informational video.

If you have not shopped for dental insurance recently, did you know there are many affordable individual dental insurance plans? Some even focus on providing preventive care benefits that include an oral exam, cleanings and x-rays. Get a free online individual dental insurance plan quote from

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