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Secure low cost medical insurance even with pre existing conditions

Author: Pete S - Sr. Staff Writer | Jan 16 2012 | Government Pre Existing Condition Insurance Plan, Low Cost Medical Insurance

For many Americans with a health condition, securing low cost medical insurance can be very challenging. While employer-sponsored group health insurance has always been the predominate method for obtaining medical insurance, this trend is changing.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation 2011 Health Benefits Survey, only 60% of all employers offered group health insurance in 2011. This figure is down from 66% in 1999. The premiums for employer-sponsored group health insurance have also skyrocketed. Since 2001, the average annual health plan premium for employer-sponsored medical insurance increased more than 21% per year (from $7,061 in 2001 to $15,073 in 2011) with workers covering the majority of the increase through higher employee contributions.

If you are self-employed and purchase your own medical insurance, or work for a company that does not offer employer-sponsored group health insurance or it is too expensive, has produced a short video entitled “Securing low cost medical insurance, regardless of your health status.”

“While many Americans look to the individual medical health insurance market for coverage, they cannot qualify for coverage because they have a health condition,” says Allan Zee of “We talk to people every day that cannot get individual medical health insurance because they have a pre existing condition. We decided to produce this informational video to communicate some health insurance choices that many people have, but do not necessarily realize. This includes information about the new government Pre Existing Conditions Insurance Plan that was established by new healthcare law.” said Zee.

“It’s all about helping people secure low cost medical insurance even if they have a pre existing condition.  That is our primary objective at,” exclaimed Zee.

For more information, please call 800-403-8511.

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