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Free Dental Discount Plan

Author: Pete S - Sr. Staff Writer | Dec 11 2011 | Free Health Discount Plan

Dental discount plans have increased in popularity in recent years because they are now accepted as a viable alternative to full coverage dental insurance.  Many top health insurance companies, such as Aetna Health Plans and Cigna Health Insurance now offer dental discount plans in addition to individual dental insurance. Dental discount plans have also gained recent attention in the media, as FOX News (Four Ways to Save Money on Dental Work) the New York Times (How to Manage Dental Costs with or without Insurance) have recently have reported about them.

The weak economy has also played a significant role in the growth of dental discount plans. Roughly ten million Americans have lost their full coverage dental insurance in the past few years as the great recession has resulted in fewer individuals covered under employer sponsored group dental insurance.

As many companies bring dental discount plans to the marketplace, beware of paying too much. Since the new healthcare law, called the Affordable Care Act, was passed in March 2010, health insurers, insurance producers/ agents and other marketing organizations have looked to generate additional streams of revenue. As a result, many are selling dental discount plans for a hefty retail price.  Do not get ripped off!

At, our dental discount plan is free. It even includes handsome discounts on prescription drugs and vision care (exams, contact lenses and eye glasses) at major chains and local retailers across the country. Download your free health discount plan today and start saving immediately!

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