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Self Employed Medical Insurance

Author: Administrator | Nov 10 2011 | Self Employed Medical Insurance

In the United States today approximately 25% of the working population is self-employed. If you are one of these entrepreneurs, then you know the importance of having medical insurance. We help individuals like you secure self employed medical insurance. Our online health insurance quotes simplify the process by allowing you to easily compare side by side the rates and benefits of top medical insurance companies. You save time because you gain access to many types of health insurance plans at your fingertips and can enroll online too. Since health plan premiums are regulated you are assured of getting the best deal.

Thanks to the new healthcare law, called the Affordable Care Act, comparing individual medical insurance plans is now easier than ever before, as there are new rules that require health insurance policies to provide minimum levels of coverage. Since there are now much fewer differences in the benefit levels provided by individual medical health insurance plans, you can purchase with greater confidence because of the new standards. Prior to the enactment in March 2010 of the new healthcare law, major medical insurance plans varied significantly. Many plans contained very low benefit caps for essential services. Coverage for preventive care services also differed considerably, both in terms of the services covered and how much the plan paid. As a result, it was often very challenging  to make an intelligent comparison.

The new insurance rules, among other mandates, now require that self employed medical insurance (health insurance purchased in the individual market) provide the following:

As you shop for self employed medical insurance, keep in mind that in most states applicants age 19 or older are medically underwritten for individual medical health insurance. While this practice ends in January 2014, as required by the new healthcare law, not all applicants who apply before then will qualify. If you or a family member has a pre existing condition, then you may be eligible for other health insurance choices. This includes the new Government Pre Existing Conditions Insurance Plan which is part of the new healthcare law. This is an excellent alternative for those with a pre existing condition who cannot qualify for self employed medical insurance.

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If you do not have individual dental insurance or are paying too much, let us help you find inexpensive dental insurance. We can also help you secure short term medical insurance to cover a temporary gap in coverage, overseas travel medical if you happen to be travelling internationally and critical illness protection to protect your financial nest egg.

Be sure to download the special ID card for your health discount plan. It is free for every visitor and can reduce your cost for prescription drugs, vision exams, eye glasses, contact lenses, and dental care. Everyone qualifies. There is no personal or confidential information required. Put the ID card in your purse or wallet and let the health discount plan save you money at major chains and local retailers.

Let us help you secure health insurance, regardless of your health status. Contact us today!

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