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Affordable Medical Insurance

Author: Administrator | Nov 03 2011 | Individual Medical Insurance Plans, Low Cost Medical Insurance

If you are seeking coverage for yourself or your family, securing an affordable medical insurance plan can be challenging. The choices may seem a bit overwhelming since there are many different types of health insurance plans available, including high deductible health plans paired with an Health Saving Account (HSA).

Our online health insurance quotes make shopping for an affordable medical insurance plan easy because similar to a health insurance exchange; you can compare side by side the rates and benefits of plans from top medical insurance companies in your state.

Fortunately, the new healthcare law, called the Affordable Care Act, established minimum coverage standards for individual medical insurance plans. These include: 1) free coverage for preventive care screening services, 2) an unlimited lifetime policy maximum and 3) a minimum annual policy maximum for most covered services considered essential. As a result, individual medical insurance plans are more similar today than ever before, making them easier to compare.

If you are unable to qualify for an individual medical insurance plan or the health insurance company will not cover your pre existing condition, we can help. You still have health insurance choices that you may be eligible for. This includes the new government Pre existing Conditions Insurance Plan which was established as part of the new healthcare law.

If you are currently uninsured and thinking about purchasing medical insurance, there are many reasons why individuals purchase health insurance. If you currently have coverage and want to reduce your health plan premium, get your free affordable medical insurance quotes now!

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You can also secure on this site individual dental insurance, short term medical insurance, overseas travel medical, critical illness protection and a prescription drug card.

As a thank you, we offer our visitors a free health discount plan. You will realize savings on prescription drugs, dental care and vision services at local retailers and major chains. No personal information required. Keep one in your wallet or purse. Get your health discount plan ID card today!

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