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Are you shopping to find best price for individual medical health insurance? Whether you are looking for coverage for yourself or your family, our online health insurance quotes allow you compare many different types of plans from top medical insurance companies. From HMO and PPO to Indemnity and health deductible health plans paired with a Health Saving Account (HSA), you can choose from a wide variety of health plans.

If you are looking to replace your current health insurance plan with a better alternative or are presently uninsured and wanting low cost medical insurance, you can buy with confidence because health plan premiums are regulated. This means you will pay the same price, regardless of where you purchase the individual medical insurance plan. You will not pay more for our online health insurance quotes.

Today, in most states your premium for individual medical health insurance is based on your:

  1. age
  2. gender
  3. place of residence
  4. type of medical insurance plan selected (PPO, HMO, HSA, etc.), including chosen deductible, copay, etc.
  5. health status

Until January 2014, adult applicants can be declined based on their health status. This happens through a process called medical underwriting. The health insurance carrier will compare your health history, build, tobacco status and occupation against their underwriting guidelines to determine if you qualify for coverage. In some instances, very healthy applicants can receive a 10% to 15% preferred health discount. In worst case situations, if an individual with pre existing conditions can qualify for coverage, he/ she may be rated up as much as 2 to 3 times the standard rate. Additionally, one or more pre existing conditions can also be excluded from coverage.

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Whatever your health status, always truthfully answer the medical questions on the health insurance application. Since health insurance carriers often request medical records after claims are submitted, it is relatively easy to determine if the applicant failed to disclose a medical condition that existed before coverage went into effect. This can result in coverage being rescinded or reformed (modified).

Fortunately, the new healthcare law has many new consumer benefits that have improved individual medical health insurance. For example, the new insurance rules require health plans to:

  1. Cover preventive care screening services at no cost
  2. Accept all children less than age 19 and cover their pre existing conditions
  3. Allow dependents less than age 26 to remain covered under their parent’s medical insurance plan, regardless of marital, employment, student and financial status
  4. Remove any lifetime policy limit
  5. Have no less than a $1.25 million annual policy maximum for essential benefits

The new healthcare law also established the Pre Existing Conditions Insurance Plan. This program was created to give uninsured individuals with pre existing conditions access to low cost medical insurance. This government health plan is an excellent alternative for eligible individuals with a health conditions that would otherwise not qualify for private medical insurance.

Our goal is to help identify consumers and understand their health insurance choices, and secure individual medical health insurance, regardless of  health status. Contact us for assistance.

In addition to online health insurance quotes, we can help you secure individual dental insurance, critical illness protection, overseas travel medical, short term medical insurance and a prescription drug card.

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