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Low Cost Medical Insurance

Author: Administrator | Nov 02 2011 | Low Cost Medical Insurance

If you are one of the $15 million Americans that buys health insurance in the individual market, our online health insurance quotes will save you time and money. We make it easy for you to find and secure low cost medical insurance because we give you access to a wide selection of different medical plans, including high deductible health plans paired with a Health Saving Account (HSA), from top health insurance companies. Once you see the medical plans you like, compare them side by side and then narrow your selection. Since health plan premiums are regulated you will pay the same rate, regardless of where you purchase the individual medical insurance plan.

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One of the challenges to obtaining low cost medical insurance is the medical underwriting process. Currently, individual medical insurance is medically underwritten in most states. This means adult applicants age 19* and older are required to provide detailed past and present medical information about their health history. Did you know that your height/weight (build), tobacco status and occupation can impact your insurability and the health plan premium you pay? Roughly 9% to 15% of all applicants today are declined because they do not meet the medical underwriting requirements of the health insurance carrier.

* In 2010, the new healthcare law required that health insurers accept all children less than age 19 regardless of health status and allow dependents less than age 26 to remain covered under their parent’s medical insurance plan.

In January 2014 when the remainder of the new healthcare law kicks in, health insurers will be prohibited from: 1) declining applicants based on health status and 2) requiring pre existing conditions be fully covered (they cannot be excluded through an Exclusionary Rider). Additionally, limits will be placed on health plan premiums, thereby ensuring that every applicant has low cost medical insurance, irrespective of their health status.

If you currently have a pre existing condition and cannot qualify for individual medical health insurance, then you still have health insurance choices. Alternatives may include, for example, the new government Pre existing Conditions Insurance Plan that was created as part of the new healthcare law.

Do not go without medical insurance. Let us help you research, identify and learn your health insurance choices today, regardless of your health status. Call us today.

If you are paying too much for dental insurance or do not have dental coverage, we can also help you secure inexpensive dental insurance. If you recently experienced a life event and need short term medical insurance to cover a temporary period of time, then we can help you too! If you happen to be travelling outside the United States for work, vacation, or school do not go without overseas travel medical.

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