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Individual Dental Insurance Plans

Author: Administrator | Nov 02 2011 | Individual Dental Insurance, Individual Dental Insurance Plans

Visiting the dentist regularly can help you ensure overall wellness and keep an attractive smile. An individual dental insurance plan is affordable, provides financial protection and plays an important role in maintaining your overall health. Did you know that a dental exam can reveal a lot about your overall health, including whether you may be developing a disease, such as diabetes? Good oral health may actually help prevent certain diseases from occurring.

Studies show that your mouth mirrors the condition of your entire body. Chances are if your oral health is poor, then you may have other medical issues. Research also shows that more than 90 percent of diseases, such as Oral Cancer, Heart Disease, Kidney Disease, Pancreatic Cancer and Leukemia, have oral manifestations, including swollen gums, mouth ulcers, dry mouth and excessive gum problems.

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Considering the expense of preventive and restorative dental care today, an individual dental insurance plan can help protect your wallet and ensure you will not be 100% out of pocket for the entire cost of dental care. Here are average prices of  common dental procedures:

Average Cost of Common Dental Procedures Min. Cost Max. Cost
Exam & Cleaning $92 $115
Complete X-Ray Series $129 $172
Filling $125 $186
Root Canal $1,315 $2,351
Crown $1,246 $1,544

Many individual dental insurance plans usually pay the cost of some or all of following (after an applicable waiting period, if required):

1. Preventive care – exam, cleaning, sealants and fluoride treatment

2. Diagnostic care – bitewing x-rays and full mouth x-rays

3. Basic care – fillings, simple extractions and repairs

4. Major care – oral surgery, Periodontics, Prosthodontics and Endodontics

Periodontics refers to treatment of diseases affecting the gums and supporting structures

Prosthodontics is replacement of missing teeth and related mouth or jaw structures by bridges, crowns, dentures or other artificial devices

Endodontics refers to treatment of diseases of the dental pulp, tooth root, and surrounding tissues, including root canals

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