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An inexpensive health insurance solution to COBRA Continuation is Short Term Medical Insurance

Author: Allan Z - Founder Editor | Oct 29 2011 | Short Term Medical Insurance

Did you receive the Federal Government’s COBRA Continuation Coverage subsidy that expired on August 31, 2011? Are you currently unemployed and looking for alternative to COBRA Continuation Coverage? Given the high cost of COBRA group health insurance premiums, millions of Americans are searching for inexpensive health insurance now than ever before.

Note: The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) provided a 65% COBRA group health insurance premium reduction for eligible individuals who were involuntarily terminated from employment through the end of May 2010 for up to 15 months, as long as they are not eligible for another group health plan or Medicare.

Individual medical health insurance and short term medical insurance are affordable alternatives that are worth considering. While Individual medical health insurance is considered permanent coverage, short term medical insurance is designed for individuals who need protection for six months or less. Once the short term medical insurance policy expires it cannot be renewed, however, many states allow individuals to re-apply for a new short-term medical plan.

Since predicting an accident or illness is impossible, being uninsured for even for a few months can lead to extreme financial hardship. Even worse, you may experience limited access to healthcare services because you lack medical insurance. Short term medical insurance is inexpensive health insurance that covers a wide range of healthcare expenses from physician office visits to surgery and hospitalization. Since coverage can start the day after you apply, you can be protected immediately.

Short term medical insurance may be right for you if you are:

  • Recently laid off or between jobs and need health insurance
  • Newly hired and are waiting for your employer’s group health insurance plan to begin
  • Recently divorced and need immediate medical insurance coverage
  • Returning from active military duty and looking for employment that provides health insurance
  • In a waiting period and need medical insurance until your new health insurance becomes effective

To qualify for short term medical insurance you are required to answer several medical questions (simplified medical underwriting). Based on your answers, you will either be immediately accepted or declined. If you do not qualify, then the new government Pre Existing Conditions Insurance Plan could be an option if you meet the eligibility criteria.

Securing inexpensive health insurance is fast, easy and convenient!  Get a short term medical insurance quote and apply online today at and be covered tomorrow.

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