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Top Fifteen Best Medical Insurance Plans

The top fifteen best medical insurance plans ranked by health enrollment for 2010 are:

Health Insurance Company Total Medical Enrollment
1 UnitedHealth Group/ United Health One 32,824,278
2 WellPoint 28,812,895
3 Aetna Health Plans 18,140,023
4 Health Care Service Corporation 12,277,678
5 CIGNA Health Insurance 11,443,392
6 Kaiser Permanente Insurance 8,755,013
7 Humana One Insurance 8,334,800
8 Health Net Insurance 5,560,000
9 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan 4,338,022
10 Highmark 4,214,412
11 AmeriHealth/ Independence Blue Cross 3,760,448
12 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama 3,483,493
13 Care First Blue Cross Blue Shield 3,330,217
14 Coventry Health Insurance 3,286,000
15 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee 3,117,310

Although the criteria to earn a spot on the “top fifteen best medical insurance plans” is the number of enrollees covered for health insurance,  that does not mean the insurance company represents the best value and is the most affordable medical insurance plan in the state.  Case in point is Blue Cross and Shield of Alabama. According to a recent report by the Kaiser Family Foundation that evaluated the competitiveness of each state’s individual medical insurance market, Alabama came in dead last. Why? When one health insurer dominates more than 50% of a state’s health insurance market and only a few other competitors exist, then that carrier is able to exert more influence over the market, thereby resulting in a less competitive environment. In Alabama, Blue Cross and Shield of Alabama controls 86% of the individual medical insurance market! This is the largest penetration that any health insurer has achieved in a given state.

The point is, do not be fooled by a “top ten best medical insurance plans” list. In order to ensure you are buying the most competitive and low cost medical insurance, it pays to look around. Our online health insurance quotes, enable you to shop and compare individual medical insurance plans from the leading health insurance companies in your state. Like a health insurance exchange, you can generate side by side comparisons so you can easily evaluate rates and coverage levels. offers free online insurance quotes from health insurers, such as United Healthcare Golden Rule, United Health One, Aetna Health Plans, CIGNA Health InsuranceKaiser Permanente Insurance, Humana One Insurance, Health Net Insurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Independence Blue Cross, Care First Blue Cross Blue Shield, Coventry Health Insurance and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee.

If you are unable to qualify for medical insurance due to your health status, then we can also help you find medical insurance. Since the new healthcare was enacted, there are more medical insurance options, including the new government Pre Existing Conditions Insurance Plan. Do not go without coverage.  Call us today and we will help you right away!

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