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Nevada Insurance Division taking feedback on medical insurance premium increases

Author: Pete S - Sr. Staff Writer | Sep 05 2011 | Nevada, Premium Increases - New Healthcare Law

The Insurance Division for the state of Nevada just announced it will be accepting feedback from consumers about premium increases on individual medical insurance plans and employer group health plans. The new healthcare, called the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, mandates health insurers publish proposed premium rate increases on the web so consumers can communicate their feelings about the rate hikes.

For this purpose, the state Insurance Division installed a new section on its website to allow individuals and small employer groups to post their comments about proposed rate increases. The goal is to protect individuals, families and business owners from unreasonable rate increases by health insurance companies. Regulators will also consider comments by consumers. The new law affects small employers only because traditionally large employers have greater negotiating power with medical insurance companies.

Nevada law also requires health insurance companies to file rates for approval with the state Insurance Division for any rate change to an individual medical insurance plan or small employer group health plan with less than 50 employees participating.

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