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Federal budget cuts could have big impact on TennCare medical insurance plan

Author: Pete S - Sr. Staff Writer | Sep 04 2011 | Tennessee

Cuts in federal spending in Tennessee could impact the state’s medical insurance plan.  TennCare is the State of Tennessee’s Medicaid program that provides health care for 1.2 million low income children, women and disabled Tennesseans. It operates with an annual budget of approximately 8 billion dollars. About 40 percent of the state’s $30 billion budget comes from the federal government, which intends to reduce its spending by at least $1.2 trillion in a bid to reduce the national debt. Tennessee receives about $3 for each dollar it spends on TennCare.

If the federal government moves forward with deep cuts to Tennessee, under the worst case situation, more than $2.25 billion or 25% would be cut from TennCare’s budget. That would mean reductions in services and in the reimbursement rates for providers, according to the state. Lower reimbursement rates usually means fewer healthcare providers will take on TennCare patients, and TennCare will likely have to reduce staffing.

Additionally, local health departments could lose as many as 278 jobs across Tennessee. The state may also have to close as many 36 career centers and reduce staffing for child welfare by nearly 700 people.

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