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Online Medical Insurance Quotes

Get instant access to a wide selection of affordable medical and dental insurance plans, and other types of health insurance for individuals, families and the self employed. Apply online too. We make it easy to shop and compare health insurance from leading insurance companies in your state. Use our online tools and research center to learn your options for medical insurance and understand how the new healthcare law benefits you.

Shop with confidence because individual medical insurance rates are regulated which means you are assured of paying the same as buying direct from the health insurance company.

We can also help you find and secure individual dental insuranceshort term medical insurancehealth insurance for pre existing conditionsmedical insurance overseascritical illness protection, and a prescription drug card plan. Our goal at is to bring you the largest assortment of health and medical insurance on the web, including the most current information and unique tools to help you save money on health insurance and ensure you and your family are adequately protected.

We also offer visitors a free health discount plan. This complimentary health discount card provides significant discounts for prescription drug, dental care and vision expenses, such as eye glasses and contact lenses at major retailers and local pharmacies and providers throughout the country. Everyone in the family can have their own card. Get your free health discount plan now!

Individual Medical Insurance

Are you searching for affordable medical insurance? Visit our medical insurance Research Center to learn about the different types of medical insurance and help you select the coverage that is best for you. Also, learn why high deductible medical insurance paired with a Health Savings Account is increasing popular today. If you are unsure what medical insurance options you may be eligible for, such as HIPAA, COBRA continuation coverage, the Pre Existing Condition Insurance Plan made available through the new healthcare law, this site provides a wealth of information to help you make an informed and wise decision.

Individual Dental Insurance

Do you not have full coverage dental insurance or are paying too? An individual dental insurance plan can help maintain overall health and an attractive smile? Get an online individual dental insurance quote today. Choose from a variety of inexpensive dental insurance plans. Keep your own dentist!  Enroll online. Great for student dental insurance too. It is fast and easy!

Short Term Medical Insurance

Are you currently between jobs and want a more affordable alternative to COBRA continuation coverage?  Are you a student or recent graduate and need temporary medical insurance? If so, short-term medical insurance may be right for you. These affordable temporary health insurance plans help many individuals fill a short-term gap in coverage, usually 12 months or less.

Short-term medical insurance also helps individuals maintain continuous health insurance coverage in order to preserve HIPAA eligibility status. This is important because HIPAA eligible individuals are guaranteed the right to purchase individual major medical insurance, regardless of their health status. Get covered immediately by obtaining an online temporary health insurance quote today. You can even apply online. It is simple and convenient!

Health Insurance for Pre Existing Conditions

If you are unable to qualify for an individual medical insurance plan due to an existing medical condition, then Guaranteed Health Insurance, also called pre existing condition medical insurance may be an alternative. Since most guaranteed health insurance plans are not medically underwritten acceptance is guaranteed. While considered supplemental medical insurance, not major medical insurance, these plans typically pay a fixed dollar amount for covered healthcare expenses, such as physician office visits, diagnostic services, lab, x-ray, surgery, inpatient confinement and wellness.

The primary reasons individuals purchase guaranteed health insurance is because they:

  1. Cannot qualify or afford individual major medical insurance
  2. Want an ID card to gain access to the healthcare system in the event that unexpected medical care is needed
  3. Want some financial protection against expensive medical bills

Learn more about pre existing condition medical insurance.

Medical Insurance Overseas and International Student Medical Insurance

Did you know that some medical insurance plans provide limited or no coverage beyond the United States? If you are planning a trip outside the United States for business, pleasure or school, then overseas medical insurance or international student medical insurance can provide additional protection should you or a family member require healthcare outside the United States.

These international medical insurance plans also provide additional benefits, such as emergency air evacuation and travel assistance if you lose your passport or experience flight delays or cancellations. So make sure you are adequately protected before you leave home. Customize your plan based on the duration of your trip and the protection that is important to you. Get an online medical insurance overseas quote and apply electronically today. It is inexpensive and provides peace of mind!

Critical Illness Protection

Could your nest egg withstand the financial impact of a critical illness, such as cancer, heart attack, coronary bypass surgery and terminal illness? Even though medical insurance covers the cost of surgery and hospitalization, there are still many uncovered expenses, such as deductibles, prescription drugs, home health and nursing care, and lost income/ wages. Critical illness insurance or supplemental health insurance, such as cancer insurance pays a lump sum of cash upon the first diagnosis of a critical illness.

Critical illness protection works well with a high-deductible health plan because the medical insurance premium savings can be used to pay for critical illness insurance and the cash benefit can be used to help cover the high-deductible and other out of pocket expenses. Get a critical illness protection quote and start protecting your financial well-being today!

Prescription Drug Card Plan

Are you presently without medical insurance for prescription drugs?  Are you paying out of pocket for expensive medication?  Save money on prescription drugs now with a no hassle prescription drug card. There are no pre-existing condition limitations or health questions to answer. Use the card immediately for instant savings. It is great for the entire family. Everyone qualifies, even children.

Special features of the prescription drug card:

  • Low cost – prices start as low as $19.99 per month
  • Convenient- accepted at 55,000 pharmacies nationally
  • Automatic acceptance- no underwriting or health questions to answer
  • No restrictions- pre existing condition limitations do not apply
  • No monthly or annual benefit payment maximums or caps- purchase as many medications as you need

Start saving money on prescription drug medications today. Get a quote and apply online for a prescription drug card.

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