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Family Medical Insurance Plans

Author: Administrator | May 30 2011 | fam-dent-ins, Family Medical Insurance Plans

Shop and compare family medical insurance plans from leading health insurance companies in your state with our online medical insurance quotes.  You can even apply online too! It is easy and convenient.

Not sure what medical insurance options are available to you and your family?  Let us help you understand and identify alternatives that you may be eligible for.

At, our goal is to bring you the best tools, information and selection of family medical insurance options available on the web today. We believe a more informed consumer makes better decisions. Let us help you save money and ensure your family is adequately protected.

Learn your medical insurance options

It pays to understand your options and the various types of medical insurance you and one or more family members may be eligible for. Since the new healthcare law became effective on March 23, 2010, it is easier for your children to obtain major medical insurance . The new healthcare law, called the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), allows your children less than age 26 to remain covered under your individual medical insurance plans or employer sponsored group health plan.  Additionally, medical insurance companies are now required to accept children less than age 19, regardless of their health status, and cannot exclude pre existing conditions from being covered.

Depending on your past and present employment status, you and/ or your family members may also be eligible for COBRA continuation coverageHIPAA plan or government sponsored medical insurance. Learn more about my medical insurance options or visit our medical insurance Research Center for more information.

It is important to know that, with the exception of your children less than 19 years of age, most family medical insurance plans are medically underwritten.  This means the medical insurance company or health insurance plan will require each family member to answer detailed medical questions. Your health history, including build (height and weight), tobacco status and high risk hobbies, will be used to underwrite each family member. If one or more family members has and existing medical condition, then they can be rated up (charged more premium), have certain medical conditions be excluded under the family medical insurance plan through an Exclusionary Rider, or be declined from coverage altogether.

Conversely, healthy family members may qualify for a preferred health discount.  Many medical insurance companies give up to a 15% premium reduction for excellent health. If you are not sure how your family’s health status will impact your ability to qualify for a family medical insurance plan, then use our exclusive Insurability Profile Tool™. This unique interactive tool will give you immediate feedback regarding how most medical insurance companies will respond to your health status.  It is fast, easy and confidential. No information will be stored. Learn more about the underwriting of family medical insurance plans.

Many types of family medical insurance

There are many different types of family medical insurance plans to choose from, including high deductible medical insurance plans and Health Saving Accounts. If you have not considered an HSA, you may want to investigate this popular family medical insurance plan. According to a recent annual census report, as of January 1, 10 million people were enrolled in HSA-linked medical insurance plans, a 25% increase since the prior year.

Once you narrow your search, our medical insurance buyer’s guide and checklist can help you compare health plans and select the best family medical insurance plan to suit your needs. Get the medical insurance buyer’s guide and checklist.

Honestly completing the application for family medical insurance

When completing the application for family medical insurance, make sure to answer the medical questions on the health insurance application honestly and completely. The consequences for intentional misrepresentation can be significant.  While the new healthcare law gives consumers more protection against health insurers dropping medical insurance policies claiming fraud or misrepresentation, your health insurance policy can still be retroactively cancelled or reformed to exclude those medical conditions that were not properly disclosed when the application for health insurance was first submitted. As a result, you could find yourself with a pile of very expensive medical bills to pay without insurance. Learn more about the importance of honestly and completely filling out the application for a family medical insurance plan.

Cannot qualify for medical insurance due to existing health conditions?

If one or more family members cannot qualify for or afford family major medical insurance, then another option is a guaranteed health insurance plan. This type of medical insurance is also referred to as health insurance for pre existing conditions, mini-med and the cheapest form of health insurance. These supplemental medical insurance plans pay a specific dollar amount for each covered benefit. As a result, they are classified as “Fixed Indemnity” medical insurance and not comprehensive major medical insurance. Since there are usually no medical questions to answer when applying for coverage, most individuals and families are accepted regardless of their health status. Pre existing health conditions, however, are not covered until the pre existing condition limitation period is satisfied, usually after 12 consecutive months of coverage under the guaranteed health insurance plan. Learn more about health insurance for pre existing conditions.

Other types of health insurance to compliment your family medical insurance plan

We can also help you save money on other forms health insurance too, including family dental insuranceshort term medical insurance and critical illness protection.

If you are paying out of pocket for prescription drugs, then learn more about how a prescription drug card can help make medications more affordable.

Perhaps you and the family are planning a vacation outside the United State?  Did you know that most medical insurance plans pay limited or no benefits for healthcare rendered outside the United States? Learn how an inexpensive medical insurance overseas policy can help protect your family and provide greater peace of mind when traveling abroad.

As a thank you for visiting us, download your free health discount plan. It provides significant discounts on prescription drugs, dental care and vision expenses for the entire family. Do not pay retail again. Get your health discount card now for each family member!

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