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Short Term Medical Insurance

Author: Administrator | Mar 26 2011 | Short Term Medical Insurance

Being uninsured, even for a few months, can lead to extreme financial hardship. Even worse, you may experience limited access to healthcare services because you do not have medical insurance.  An accident or illness is unpredictable.  Protect yourself with short term medical insurance. It is is low cost and designed to provide protection for less than 12 months. Short term medical insurance covers a wide range of healthcare expenses from physician office visits to surgery and hospitalization.  Since coverage can typically start the day after you apply for short term medical insurance, you can get protected immediately.

Short term medical insurance is a great alternative for individuals who need affordable temporary health insurance for 1 to 12 months. This type of medical insurance plan may be right for you if you are:

  • Between jobs and want to maintain continuous health insurance coverage to help protect your HIPAA rights
  • A new graduate without health insurance
  • Recently laid off or between jobs and need medical insurance
  • Newly hired and are waiting for your employer’s group health insurance to begin
  • Recently divorced and need immediate medical insurance coverage
  • Returning from active military duty and looking for employment that provides health insurance
  • In a waiting period and need medical insurance until your new health insurance becomes effective

Other important highlights of short term medical insurance:

  • Plans can be tailored to fit your coverage needs and financial budget (choice of deductible, coinsurance and maximum out-of-pocket)
  • The following healthcare expenses are generally covered:

- Physician office visits
- Lab, x-ray and diagnostic tests
- Surgery
- Hospitalization
- Anethesia
- Mammography and pap smears
- Ambulance
- Prescription drugs

  • Coverage can begin as early as the next day following the medical insurance company’s receipt of your approved application and required premium payment
  • Most states allow you to re-apply for a new short-term medical plan if you need additional coverage after the policy expires
  • Short term medical insurance is subject to medical underwriting.  This means the health insurer requires each applicant to answer medical questions. Depending on your response, the health insurer will either accept or reject the application.  As a result, short-term medical insurance is generally for the healthy.

Short term medical insurance may not be right for you if your medical insurance need is greater than 6 to 12 months or you have a serious or significant pre existing health condition. Once the short term medical insurance policy expires it cannot be renewed. This means you must reapply for a new short term medical insurance policy and meet the health insurer’s medical underwriting guidelines again.

Like most medical insurance, pre existing health condition(s) are subject to the pre existing condition limitation. A pre existing condition is usually defined as a medical condition (ailment, disorder or disease) due to an illness or accident that was present 12 months prior to the effective date of the short term medical insurance plan. Since most medical insurance covers pre existing health conditions after 12 months of continuous coverage under the policy, short term medical insurance will not cover pre existing health conditions.

Short term medical insurance is very popular because the premiums are significantly less than individual medical insurance (which is considered permanent insurance).

Securing affordable temporary health insurance is fast, easy and convenient!  Get a quote and apply online today.  Get covered tomorrow.

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