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Prescription Drug Card

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Are you paying for costly prescriptions out of your own pocket? Do you not have prescription drug coverage under your existing medical insurance plan? Save money on prescription drugs immediately with a no hassle low cost prescription drug card card. There are no pre-existing condition limitations or health questions to answer. Use the card immediately for instant savings. It is great for the entire family. Everyone qualifies, even children!

Special features of the prescription drug card include:

  • Low cost – prices start as low as $19.99 per month
  • Convenient- accepted at 55,000 pharmacies nationally, such as Target, Walgreen’s, Long’s,  CVS, Costco, Publix and Save-On
  • Automatic, guaranteed acceptance- no underwriting or health questions
  • No restrictions- pre-existing condition limitations do not apply
  • No monthly or annual benefit payment maximums or caps- purchase as many medications as you need

The prescription drug card uses a four tier formulary:

  • Tier 1 > generic drugs – you receive a benefit payment of up to $10.00
  • Tier 2 > brand name and select generic drugs – you receive a benefit payment of up to $20.00
  • Tier 3 > brand name and select generic drugs – you receive a benefit payment of up to $50.00
  • Tier 4 > brand name drugs – special discount only, no benefit payment

Prescription Drug Card Prescription Drug Card

Get the most out of the prescription drug card by having your doctor prescribe medication within Tiers 1, 2 or 3. A generic, lower cost prescription medication within the same therapeutic class can often replace a moreexpensive brand name drug. If you choose the higher price brand name drug, however, you will receive a significant discount off the retail price of the drug.

Tier 1 medications (card pays up to $10 per Rx), include:

Tier 1 – Up to $10 Payment
Dosage Quantity
Glyburide 2.5mg 30 Tabs
Allopurinol 100mg 30 Tabs
Digoxin .125mg 30 Tabs
Amoxicillin 250mg 30 Caps
Penicillin 250mg 30 Tabs
Tetracycline 250mg 30 Caps
Estradiol 1mg 30 Tabs
Propranolol 40mg 30 Tabs
Trazodone 100mg 30 Tabs
Alprazolam .25mg 30 Tabs
Hydrocortisone 2.5% 30 gm
E.E.S. 400 Tabs 30 Tabs
Atenolol 50mg 30 Tabs
Lisinopril 10mg 30 Tabs
Furosemide 40mg 30 Tabs

Tier 2 medications (card pays up t0 $20 per Rx), include:

Tier 2 – Up to $20 Payment
Dosage Quantity
Minocycline 50mg 30 Caps
Sulfasalazine EC 500mg 30 Tabs
Naproxen EC 375mg 30 Tabs
Amoxil Chw 400mg 30 Taps
Enalapril 5mg 30 Tabs
Piroxicam 20mg 30 Caps
Amaryl 1mg 30 Tabs
Lanoxin .25mg 30 Tabs
Synthroid 100mcg 30 Tabs
Ranitidine 300mg 30 Tabs
Etodolac 200mg 30 Cabs
Zolpidem 10mg 30 Tabs
Fluoxetine 20mg 30 Cabs
Dilantin 1000mg 30 Cabs
Glucotrol XL 2.5mg 30 Tabs

Tier 3 medications (card pays up t0 $50 per Rx), include:

Tier 3 – Up to $50 Payment
Dosage Quantity
Accoloate 10mg 30 Tabs
Buspar 5mg 30 Tabs
Bactroban cream 2% 15 gm
Diovan 40mg 30 Tabs
Cardene 30mg 30 Caps
Lortab 10mg 30 Tabs
Kenalog Lotion .01% 60 gm
Paroxetine Hcl 20mg 30 Tabs
Rampiril 5mg 30 Tabs
Cytomel Tab 50mcg 30 Tabs
Macrodantin 25mg 30 Caps
Topicort LP Cream .05% 15 gm
Allegra 60mg 30 Tabs
Premarin .625mg 30 Tabs
Glucophage XR 750mg 30 Tabs

Tier 4 medications (discount only), include:

Tier 4 – Discount Only
Actonel Actos Ambien
Amerge Atacand/ HCTZ Avandia
Avinza Cipro XR Concerta
Cozaar Crestor Detrol LA
Foradil Hyzaar Ketek
Lexapro Lipitor Lotrel
Lumigan Mobic Nexium
Novolog Paxil Travatan
Valtrex Viagra Zetia

Since this prescription drug card pays up to the fixed payment for drugs specified in each tier indicated above, it is not considered insurance.

Start now by enrolling in this hassle-free prescription drug card program. It is fast, easy and online. If within 10 days of purchase you are not satisfied and have not used the prescription drug card, then return the prescription drug card program for a refund.

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