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Inexpensive Dental Insurance

Author: Administrator | Mar 20 2011 | afford-temp-health, cheap-med-ins, Inexpensive Dental Insurance

Having full coverage dental insurance is affordable. With many types of plans to choose from, it is easy to secure an individual dental insurance plan that fits your budget. You can even keep your current dentist! Regardless of where you live, from California to the Carolina’s, we can help you find an inexpensive dental insurance plan.

Studies show that individuals without full dental coverage are likely to skip preventative dental care (exam, cleaning and x-rays) and visit the dentist only when there is a problem. According to the American Dental Hygienists’ Association, oral health is a critical component of total health. Dental caries (decay) is the most common chronic disease nationally and is preventable through the use of fluoride and dental sealants which cost 50% less than one silver filing.

Did you know the cost of restorative treatment is more expensive than preventive services (see chart below)?

Average Cost of Common Dental Procedures Min. Cost Max. Cost
Exam & Cleaning $86 $110
Complete X-Ray Series $123 $171
Filling $119 $181
Root Canal $1,315 $2,351
Crown $1,144 $1,443

The Coalition for Oral Health, representing a wide spectrum of oral health associations, reported that $1 spent for prevention saves from $8 to $50 in restorative care!

Full Coverage Inexpensive Dental Insurance- covered services

Most inexpensive dental insurance plans provide payments for the following dental services:

1. Preventive: cleaning, exams, sealants and fluoride treatment

2. Diagnostic: bitewing x-rays and full mouth x-rays

3. Basic: fillings, simple extractions and repairs

4. Major:

  • Oral Surgery
  • Periodontics – treatment of diseases affecting the gums and supporting structures
  • Prosthodontics – replacement of missing teeth and related mouth or jaw structures by bridges, crowns, dentures or other artificial devices
  • Endodontics – treatment of diseases of the dental pulp, tooth root, and surrounding tissues, including root canals

Some individual and family dental insurance plans have waiting periods, while others may increase the percentage the dental insurance policy pays toward covered dental services every year you have the dental insurance plan.

Benefits of Inexpensive Individual Dental Insurance

Individuals, families, retirees and students purchase full coverage dental insurance for many reasons, the more common being:

1. Financial protection – without some form of dental insurance to help cover the expense of dental care, the cost of paying for expensive dental procedures, such as restoration, surgery, endodontic and periodontal services is simply not affordable.

2. Maintenance of a healthy mouth and overall wellness – studies show that regular dental check-ups and cleanings help promote overall health. That is why most individual dental insurance plans pay 100% for a routine exam and cleaning every six months.

3. Prevention – from fluoride treatment to sealants and braces, children can benefit significantly from regular professional dental care. An individual dental insurance plan makes the cost of preventive care more affordable,, so you do not have to put off dental care until you have a problem.

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