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Oklahoma State Health Ranking

Author: Administrator | Feb 21 2011 | Oklahoma
 Oklahoma State Health Ranking

Oklahoma Ranks 46th

Oklahoma ranked 46th in the nation for health status in 2010.

Health is a result of our behaviors, our individual genetic predisposition to disease, the environment and the community in which we live, the clinical care we receive and the policies and practices of our health care and prevention systems. Each of us, individually, as a community, and as a society, strives to optimize these health determinants, so that all of us can have a long, disease-free and robust life regardless of race, gender or socio-economic status.

The following factors represent the primary or core measurements used to compute the national rankings:


  • High School Graduates
  • Prevalence of Obesity (% of population)
  • Prevalence of Smoking & Drinking (% of population)

Community & Environment

  • Occupational Fatalities (deaths per 100,000 workers)
  • Infectious Diseases (cases per 100,000 of population)
  • Air Pollution
  • Children in Poverty (% of persons under age 18)
  • Violent Crimes

Public & Health Policies

  • Lack of Health Insurance (% uninsured of total population)
  • Public Health Funding (dollars spent per person)
  • Immunization Coverage (% of children ages 19 to 35 months)

Clinical Care

  • Preventable Hospitalizations (number per 1,000 Medicare enrollees)
  • Primary Care Physicians (number per 100,000 of population)
  • Early Prenatal Care (% of pregnant women)


  • Premature Death (years lost per 100,000 of population)
  • Infant Mortality Rate (deaths per 1,000 live births)
  • Cancer Deaths (deaths per 100,000 of population)
  • Cardiovascular Deaths (deaths per 100,000 of population)

For over 20 years, America’s Health Rankings® has been tracking the state of our nation’s health. For comprehensive information, analysis and statistics on our nation’s health issues, visit America’s Health Rankings.

To learn more about the behavioral health, disease prevention and control, health promotion, community and environmental health, emergency services and health care providers in Oklahoma, visit the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

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