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Welcome to where you can shop, compare and save on medical insurance! Every American deserves access to affordable medical insurance, so we dedicated this site to helping individuals, families and the self employed secure low cost medical insurance, regardless of health status.

Our online health insurance quotes enable you to easily shop and generate side by side comparisons of medical insurance plans from leading medical and dental insurance carriers in your state, similar to an insurance exchange. Choose from a very wide selection, including high deductible medical insurance plans, paired with a Health Saving Account and traditional health insurance plans with copayments for physician office visits and prescription drugs.

Save money on individual dental insurance and other types of health insurance plans

In addition to individual medical insurance plans and health insurance for the self employed, you can also find inexpensive dental insurance, affordable temporary health insurance, medical insurance overseas travel, critical illness protection insurance, guaranteed health insurance and a prescription drug card. These are offered through top rated, competitive health insurance carriers, enabling you to save money and ensure you and your family is adequately protected.

Research and find your health insurance options

Our goal is to educate consumers so they can makes better decisions, save money and ensure they are adequately protected. Get access to a wide range of health insurance topics with our tools, research and resources in the following sections:

From a glossary of common health insurance terms, to understanding your rights under COBRA Continuation Coverage and HIPAA Portability, to the ins and out of Health Saving Accounts, and how to secure medical insurance if you have pre existing health conditions, you will find it here and a lot more!

Learn how the new healthcare law benefits you

Since the passage of the new healthcare law, new medical insurance options have recently become available to many individuals. This is made possible through expanded eligibility for dependents less than age twenty six, guaranteed health insurance for children less than age 19 and the establishment of the Pre Existing Condition Insurance Plans. These are important parts of the new healthcare law, especially if you or a family member has a pre existing health condition. Since individual medical insurance in most states is currently medically underwritten for persons age 26 and older, not all applicants will qualify.

We can help you determine if you qualify for private medical insurance or meet the eligibility requirements of the new Government Pre Existing Condition Insurance Plans. Whatever your health status, we can help you secure low cost medical insurance.

Get started today!

Have Pre-Existing Conditions?  Will  You Qualify for Medical Insurance? Find out here.

Do you have pre existing health conditions and not sure if you qualify for an individual medical insurance plan? Use our Insurability Profile Tool™ to find out. It is fast, free and confidential. Just answer the health questions and receive immediate feedback regarding how most health insurance companies will likely respond to your health status.

This exclusive and proprietary tool combines the underwriting requirements of many health insurance companies in a leading-edge software program to give you instant feedback about your insurability before applying for an individual medical insurance plan. It will also reveal how much the health insurance premium may be increased based on your health status and if certain medical conditions will be excluded from coverage.

Save time and money today by taking our fast, free and confidential health insurance evaluation.

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Free Rx, Dental and Vision Discount Card

Get your complimentary discount drug card (not insurance) and save 13% to 65% on prescriptions at 50,000 participating pharmacies nationally, including major chains, such as Costco, CVS, Wal-Mart, Walgreen’s and Target, and local retailers.

Also, save 25% to 40% over usual dental charges at 101,000 dental providers nationally, and 10% to 50% off eyewear, contact lenses and corrective surgery at 10,500 optical centers and major vision chains, including LensCrafters, EyeMasters, JC Penney Optical and Wal-Mart Vision Centers!

No personal information required.  This free drug discount is even valid on many prescriptions for your pet.  Just bring your pet’s prescription into a participating pharmacy and present your discount drug card.  It is that simple!

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